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The BTN Client Portal in is a dedicated space for our clients to view and manage all their transactions. It provides them with more control over actions such as accepting estimates or paying invoices, from one place.

Once you set up the client portal, you’ll be able to:

➢ Collaborate on estimates/proposals and get them approved.
➢ Captures when a customer has viewed an invoice.
➢ Enable clients to pay for their invoices from a single place.
➢ Submit time entries for approval before you invoice them.
➢ Get reviews from customers about our business process.
➢ Interact and discuss with customers in real-time.

Fingerprint Services Berean Employee Screening

In addition to drug testing, background screening, integrity, and aptitude assessments, Berean provides onsite/mobile fingerprinting services.

LAW Live Scan Consultants is a Maryland based fingerprinting company servicing business customers and individuals. Our experienced fingerprint technicians provide professional and efficient fingerprinting for any and all needs. We provide ink and Live Scan fingerprinting as well as on-site services to your location. We serve companies, institutions, and individuals needing print cards or electronic fingerprinting……. read more

Identity, Driving, and Credit Records

Social Security Number Validation and Address Trace Report. This report validates the Social Security Number (SSN) using information and number assignment methodology from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Supplemented by credit bureau records, the names and addresses associated with a Social Security Number will also be reported……. read more

Criminal Background Checks

Conducting the research as to whether an employee has a criminal record is a vital step when assessing the risk of bringing that person into your company or organization.

Now let’s be clear, every crime will not be automatic prevention of an applicant from being hired…… read more

International Screenings Services

Berean Employment Screenings perform international background checks in over 250 countries and territories around the globe. Our international reports are assembled through collaborative methodology with internal resources, government agencies and professional field researchers. Our criminal, education, and employment research has the highest number of successful completions in the industry…… read more

Who We Are

We are Kemit Group. A vendor-based trusted network with over 200 years of business experience in startups, non-profits, security, health care, education, and banking.

We provide small business (30 to 150 employees) situational awareness consulting, drug/background screening, fingerprinting, social media monitoring and HR applications integration.

Why Work With Us

Kemit Group offers customized people development solutions and specializes in virtual screening via our trademark pending Digital Due Diligence Dossier (4D Employee) process.

We go beyond the resume – we can conduct continuous monitoring and social media background investigations and conduct cognitive and behavioral job performance testing to ensure the right choice is made throughout a company’s lifespan.

Our Guarantee

We ensure sound business practices from recruitment to retirement using proprietary process integrations with leading social media and HR Information Systems integrations. We help our client navigate and integrate technology solutions into their current business model and infrastructure.

We know people, processes, and technology that fit small business requirements.