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BEREAN Employment
Screening Solutions

  • Criminal Background Records
  • Identity, Driving, and Credit Records
  • Sanction and Watchlist Records
  • Verification and Reference Services
  • Substance Abuse Services
  • International Services
  • Conducting Onsite Residential and Commercial, Drug Testing, DNA Testing, Fingerprinting, Integrity Assessments, and Background Screening

BEREAN Gets it Right

Making the right hiring decisions is critical to your business success. Getting it right isn’t easy. Making the wrong hiring decision can sink morale, hinder productivity and expose your company to workplace and financial risk. A comprehensive background screening program will help you make well-informed hiring decisions. Whether it’s a concealed criminal past or fraudulent education record, through a comprehensive screening process, BEREAN will identify the information that helps you to distinguish between a problem employee and The Right Choice.

Automated Screening Process

BEREAN Employment Screening Solutions offers an e-platform from which we partner with our client to optimize and administer screening solutions for your human resources team and staffing suppliers.

Federally Compliant Standards

We comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by ensuring proper use of consumer records. BEREAN provides our clients with applicable release forms and adverse action tools to address Federal compliance standards across all employment activities including DOT compliance.


BEREAN — we’re about people, process and technology.

BEREAN is committed to helping our clients confirm the trustworthiness and reliability of their applicants. We provide our services through a completely automated and web-enabled delivery platform that saves the client time and money.

The efficiencies created through our proprietary sourcing technology and back-office processing platform enable BEREAN to optimize our clients’ efforts to make The Right Choice, the first time.

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National Association 
of Professional Background Screeners

Member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners


  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FTC)
  • FCRA Client
  • FCRA Applicant
  • EEOC
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Americans w/Disabilities Act
  • Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLB)

How to maintain a
Drug Free Workplace and Home

Drug Detection Assessment

Berean provides a full spectrum of drug testing and background check options, but our most revolutionary – and to you, cost-effective – service is drug testing of the workplace, school and residential environment.


Our affiliation with the top national laboratories and manufacturers gives us access to a Wipe/Spray technology long used by law and drug enforcement agencies. Wipe/Spray allows us to test the surfaces in your workplace for invisible drug residue carried on the hands and clothing of all users and dealers. Without confronting your employees, you can determine if you have a problem.


If the results are clean, you can rest easy.


If results are positive for drug residue, you are operating from a position of confidence instead of worrying in the dark.


Call for a cost-free assessment proposal. Knowing is always better.


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