Berean Integrity Process

Berean Integrity Process

Berean Employment Screening Solutions combine the latest technology, industry insight, and screening expertise to build confidence in your selecting, hiring, and retaining the right talent. Our 7-step ‘Right Choice’ methodology with our ‘Integrity Assurance’ process confidently provides peace-of-mind sourcing.


Berean ‘Right Choice’ Methodology

  1. Assess your company’s culture, mission, values, and drug-free workplace commitments.
  2. Assist with defining appropriate job descriptions for your organization’s desired positions reflecting responsibilities, level of skills, and experience required.
  3. Perform Integrity Assessments to interpret the candidate’s Integrity and Aptitude results to ensure the applicant has the skills for which the person is being hired.
  4. Assist with preparing customized, structured interview questions based on the results of our pre-employment integrity assessment.
  5. Provide analysis of integrity assessment results to discover transferable skills.
  6. Perform comprehensive background and drug screening, including reference checks and fingerprinting.
  7. Streamline your onboarding process with a web-based system for seamless transition and visibility.

Backed by Berean ‘Integrity Assurance

  1. Initial Assessment & Screening of employees with management engagement.
  2. Mid-way integrity Check with modification and solutions for results.
  3. Berean Integrity Process provides support & sustain services throughout the duration of the contract.
  4. Final review and closeout with assessment and future recommendations.


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