Residential / Home Drug Screening

Are you concerned that your child might be using drugs? You may be right!  BEREAN has developed a home drug screening program for parents to use within the comfort and privacy of their own home to determine whether or not their children may be using drugs. All programs are shipped to your home with discreet packaging.

Totally Confidential!

Letter to Parents:

Dear Parents – I commend you on taking the steps necessary to help protect your child from the dangers of substance abuse.  It is my hope that our program will give you everything you need to help you deter and prevent drug use within your family.

If you suspect and do not want to confront child directly, BEREAN has the capability to chemically test any surface or area within your home or car with the same drug detection instruments used by Homeland Security.  Be sure. Do not delay. Call Today  (844.US.BE.SAFE).


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