Employee Assistance Solutions

Employee Assistance Program

The need for establishing an Employee Assistance Program

Once behavior, drug and alcohol issues have been identified, Berean  recommends businesses place a special emphasis on a Employee Assistance Program and the valuable role it plays by helping employees addressing issues that affect them at work, home, and in their communities. EAPs can reap benefits for businesses, agencies, employees, families, and communities by:

  • Providing solutions for personnel facing disciplinary actions due to drug or alcohol abuse;
  • Facilitating safe, timely, and effective return-to-work for employees short-term and extended absences;
  • Improving productivity and employee engagement;
  • Improving employees’ and dependents’ abilities to successfully respond to challenges;
  • Developing employee and manager competencies in managing workplace stress;
  • Reducing workplace absenteeism and unplanned absences;
  • Supporting employees and managers during workforce restructuring, reduction-in-forces, or other workforce change events;
  • Reducing workplace accidents;
  • Reducing the likelihood of workplace violence or other safety risks;
  • Managing the effect of disruptive incidents, such as workplace, injury, or other crises;
  • Reducing healthcare costs associated with stress, depression, and other mental health issues; and
  • Reducing employee turnover and related replacement costs


Berean has partnered with FAMILY FIRST Psychotherapy Services to provide tailored and affordable EAP services for your small business.