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Berean is a service-disabled Veteran-owned small business staffed by retired military, Law Enforcement, and Human Resource veterans. The owner is also a former Background Investigator with the US Office of Personnel Management who has knowledge, skills and abilities in conducting complex National Level Background Screenings.

Berean is also certified by Charles County, MD Minority Business enterprise, service disabled, veteran, company. Berean has global and national level services and resources that permit us to offer on-site, accurate and exhaustive background checks, drug screenings, applicant assessments, FBI Live Scan fingerprinting and Human Capital Management software solutions.

While no personnel risks can be fully mitigated, a decisive move by employers to employ data driven hiring solutions that strengthen corporate management of internal controls related to on boarding personnel, can be obtained by partnering with Berean Employment Screening Solutions utilizing its branded Select Talented Applicants Rapidly (STAR) Process.

Berean is committed to support your corporate values and is staffed by responsible and accountable retired military and Law Enforcement professionals.

In our current economic and social climate, hiring the right people as brand ambassadors within the service industries is more important than ever before. In fact, hiring the right people with the right attitude, skills and work history can make the difference of having an intentional strategic plan to improve an organizations ability to identify, select and develop talented employees.

Bereans’ mission is to help reduce recruiting expenditures and on boarding time by weeding out unsuitable workers at the application stage to help protect and mitigate businesses against insider threats that pose a risk to its brand, assets, and reputation.

The days are gone for making hiring decisions based on whether the applicant has an impressive resume or is able to make it through an interview, pass a drug screening or a criminal background check. For this reason, the anchor of our business model is an Integrity and Aptitude Assessment.

The Berean Applicant Integrity System is a process that allows us to go beyond the resume and background checks to: (1) uncover any integrity issues; (2) identify cognitive and behavioral reasoning patterns; (3) determine whether the applicant is a fit for the exact position applied; (3) identify training needs or gaps in the applicant’s skills and abilities.

The end product of the process is designed to provide hiring officials, recruiters and HR managers with sufficient applicant knowledge to significantly decrease on boarding time or hire the applicant on the spot.


Background Checks

  • FCRA Compliant
  • Most results are instant
  • No software to purchase
  • Secure on-line ordering access 24/7
  • Adverse reports reviewed by a licensed private investigator
  • National Criminal/Federal/County/Global/SSN Trace/Sex Offender Searches & many more
  • Driving Records/Employment & Education Verifications
  • Instant scans of 200 million databases on criminal history
  • Liens and judgment histories
  • Credit Reports – TransUnion FICO Score
  • Citizenship and legal status in the country
  • Regulatory sanctions (by industry)
  • Driving and vehicle records
  • Employment histories
  • Reference and Professional Credential Checks
  • Tenant Screening for Property Managers

Drug Testsemployee screening services berean investigation waldorf

  • 5 to 15 Panel Urine Drug Screening
  • Hair and Saliva Based Tests
  • Alcohol & Nicotine Tests
  • Tests are FDA Cleared and CLIA Certified
  • Immediate Results
  • On Site Drug Presence/residue detection using spray and wipe technology
  • Bulk drug testing instruments
  • Drug Free Workplace Policy Development and random screening

Pre-Employment Applicant Integrity Assessments

Immediate report includes a coherent picture of an applicant’s capabilities, attitudes, and personality, as well as detailed assessment of how a potential employee can be expected to perform in any of over 120 job positions. The report includes customized questions for HR staff to use in follow-up interviews. Reports are available 24/7 through your Internet browser (see White Paper).

Other Services

  • Live Scan Fingerprinting
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Human Capital Management
  • Recruiting Applicant Tracking System
  • Benefits Management
  • HR Consulting


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