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How you can minimize business risk and hire STAR workers

Minimize Business Risk and Hire Star Workers; Recently, a hospital was sued for negligent hiring after one of its surgical technicians exchanged a vial of saline solution for a vial of painkiller before a surgery was set to commence. An investigation revealed that the surgical technician had a history of drug diversion at his former jobs.

Even though the hospital hired a background check company to perform a pre-hire check – What else can you do to minimize the risk of hiring problem workers?


Here are the top actions of the Berean STAR background check process.

Key elements of Berean’s background screening process include:

  • Verifying a candidate’s stated previous employment and references;
  • Verifying a candidate’s stated education and credentials;
  • Checking if candidate was convicted for a felony or misdemeanor;
  • Verifying a candidate’s military records, if appropriate;
  • Reviewing available credit reports (Financial Positions).
  • Checking National Tenant Eviction Register if you are a Property Manager.
  • Conduct position-based pre-employment testing • Conducting saliva-based drug testing
  • FBI Fingerprinting, if appropriate.

Employers with questions regarding implementing or conducting background screenings of potential new hires would do well to consult with competent counsel or let us help you conduct a free audit of your background screening processes.

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