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Fingerprint services Berean Employee Screening

In addition to drug testing, background screening, integrity and aptitude assessments, Berean provides onsite/mobile fingerprinting services in Laplata Md.

LAW Live Scan Consultants is a Maryland based fingerprinting company servicing business customers and individuals. Our experienced fingerprint technicians provide professional and efficient fingerprinting for any and all needs.

We provide ink and Live Scan fingerprinting as well as on-site services to your location. We serve companies, institutions, and individuals needing print cards or electronic fingerprinting.

BEREAN Employee Screening has partnered with LAW Livescan Consultants for fingerprinting services.

Why Do Companies in Laplata Fingerprint Applicants?

Fingerprinting is one of the only processes that include a biometric-based testing. This type of testing gives a result of positively identifying that a person is exactly who they say they are.

This type of background check also has the opportunity to disclose unreported arrest or convictions. These arrests or convictions may not appear by only investigating names on a background check.

The fingerprinting allows for any type of update or changes from a State Statue based scenario.  Using only the name of an applicant creates a one and done situation that will never provide any updated information to regulate what happens with a candidate after they become an employee. Fingerprinting allows for ongoing information on the candidate which provides a level of protection for the company.

Why Choose Berean Employee Screenings

  • Independent company for fingerprinting collection and processing
  • Customer service focus – we are the Right Choice
  • Livescan capabilities
  • Subject matter experts for live scan, card scan, electronic fingerprint transmission, and processing productivity

Does a person have the rights to have access to their criminal file?

An individual always has the rights to their results in their Criminal History Record Information (CHRI). This can be from a State, Federal or any other authorized agency.


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