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Company History

Our History Berean Investigations: Berean was founded by retired military professionals with experience in Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Security, Defense Contracting, operational and support fields. We are driven by excellence and have a passion for service, integrity and excellence in the defense of the nation and our community.  As such, Berean founders continue to share a bond with the beliefs, values and traditions of service to the country and protection of American businesses, communities, society and infrastructure that keep our way of life and nation safe. Berean specialists have over 60+ years combined National Intelligence and Security and Law Enforcement expertise. Berean associates have served under several organizations such as Department of Defense (DOD), U.S. Navy, Office of Personal Management (OPM) Federal Investigations, Office of Inspector General and multiple Federal and State Law Enforcement agencies.


Bereans’ mission is to help reduce recruiting expenditures and on boarding time by weeding out unsuitable workers at the application stage to help protect and mitigate businesses against insider threats that pose a risk to its brand, assets, and reputation. The days are gone for making hiring decisions based on whether the applicant has an impressive resume or is able to make it through an interview, pass a drug screening or a criminal background check. For this reason, the anchor of our business model is an Integrity and Aptitude Assessment.


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