Our Visions: Our approach to providing comprehensive, effective screening involves focusing on the total individual to include hard and soft skills assessment with a focus on behaviors within the specific job function. The Position Based Human Centered approach has become more relevant in industry and in government.

There is a growing understanding of the importance of taking care in hiring the right people into an organization in order to grow the organization and advance its vision, goals, and mission. Several studies conducted by authorities in Human Resource Organizations indicate that employees who have a pleasant experience on-boarding into an organization, and they feel valued and understood, the return on the investment is over 60%. More importantly, studies indicate that it is costlier to hire the wrong person rather than the right person.  We understand the attribute of integrity is can be best measured by assessing the whole person and not just what they tell you in an interview.


Our methodology is based off the way we can create symbiotic and integrated quantitative data from fingerprinting, cognitive testing, drug screening, background checks and polygraph testing to get a complete view of a candidate’s suitability for positions of trust. We understand that identifying the right people in the beginning and making sure they fit with the organization and established culture allows for a better engaged workforce that can be trusted and will protect the most important mission of your organization. Our seasoned staff come from a deep past of security and compliance training by top organizations in the federal government and private sector that allows the strongest skillset possible to assess your organization needs.


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