Specialized Criminal Background Checks

Why order Criminal Background Checks?

Conducting the research as to whether an employee has a criminal record is a vital step when assessing the risk of bringing that person into your company or organization.

Now let’s be clear, every crime will not be automatic prevention of an applicant from being hired.

Having that knowledge allows you to make the best decision for your company and also allow you to be aware of the potential risk if you decide to move forward.

Not only does this create a safer and more secure environment, but criminal record checks can also produce other important benefits, such as:

  • Helping safeguard the company’s reputation
  • Protecting organizational assets
  • Maintaining trust among current employees

Conducting a criminal history search tailored to the requirements of the position helps to lessen the potential for on-the-job incidents, it can also help organizations avoid or defend potential negligent hiring lawsuits.

Why Choose Berean’s Criminal Background Check

Our network of researchers has an expansive reach to geographical jurisdictions that span even outside of the United States. Berean offers a range of research options that are best suited for the position you are hiring and that meet the requirements for your company.


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