International Screenings Services

Berean Employment Screenings perform international background checks in over 250 countries and territories around the globe. Our international reports are assembled through collaborative methodology with internal resources, government agencies and professional field researchers. Our criminal, education, and employment research has the highest number of successful completions in the industry.

International Criminal Records Search

Identify a candidate who may have a criminal history. The international criminal records search may be performed by searching through data sources such as local police, national law enforcement or local court files in a selected jurisdiction, to the extent possible.

International Education Verification

Identify whether a candidate has falsified education information on their resume or job application. Our international education verification confirms a candidate’s credentials by verifying a degree, certificate or diploma claim directly with an institution or its authorized agent.

International Employment Verification

This service confirms a candidate’s work history, such as company names and locations, dates, positions or titles held along with compensation, directly with former employers or their authorized agents.Clients should expect variable reporting times and costs, not similar with US domestic screening. Consult Account Representative for details.


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