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HR Records Management

Berean’s records management capabilities provide ease of access to employee records and other critical HR data to remain compliant.


Employee Onboarding

Our Human Capital Risk Management Solutions are designed to support your HR needs from hiring the best, retaining great talent, and retiring seasoned talent

HR Reporting Tools

Our Human Capital Risk Management Solutions are designed to support your HR needs from hiring the best, retaining great talent, and retiring seasoned talent

Job Aptitude & Assessments◉ Comprehensive Recruiting Support
◉ Intuitive, User-Friendly Tools
◉ Insider Threat Assessments
◉ Executive Vetting

Drug Screening◉ Environmental Drug Presence Testing
◉ Lab Confirmed Test Results
◉ Rapid Response Accurate Results

Preventative Training◉ Customized Integrity Training
◉ Drug Free Workplace Policy Support
◉ Security Training Resources

Background Screenings◉ FBI Live Scan Fingerprinting Services
◉ Customized Background Checks
◉ Early Risk Identification
◉ Self Screening Resources
◉ Polygraph Testing

HR Systems Training◉ Train The Trainer Solutions
◉ HR System Training Sessions

Human Capital Risk ManagementPrescreening Solutions are the foundation of our integrity solution which decreases your risk of hiring the wrong people.

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Integrity Package

Entry Level Basic Coverage


SSN Number Trace

7 Yr Address Confirmation

Terrorism Watch List

Sex Offender

Criminal History Check

Trust Package

Mid Level Employee Integrity Package Plus


Federal Criminal Search

Global Report

Employment Credit Report

Saliva Based Drug Screen

Life Package

Position of Authority Trust Package Plus


Education Verification

Employee Verification

Professional License Verification

Resident Verification

Urine Drug Screen

Meet Joel Hill

Mr. Hill’s investigative work experience began in 2007 as a contract Investigator with the Office of Personnel Management, Federal Investigations Division (OPM/FID). Since that time, he has served with the Office of Inspector General with the Department ofEducation, Special Investigations Unit (SIU), and U.S. Fleet Cyber Command Office of inspector General.In his spare time, Joel is an avid reader, enjoys traveling by RV, golfing, and spending time with family. As a veteran, Joel is especially proud of his work supporting and mentoring disabled veterans. Joel currently serves his local community through appointment by the Commissioners of Charles County, Maryland to the CharlesCounty Blue Ribbon Commission on Inter-Cultural Relations and Diversity


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